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Baekhyun • EP / ‘mini album’ (7 tracks) • 2020

  • I have this in CD format
  • Album cover image c/o Spotify

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Baekhyun is who fully converted me into an EXO stan. I first encountered EXO’s Obsession album randomly on YouTube, with a music producer claiming it to be 2019’s best K-pop album, which was an absolute surprise to me because there was this one group making it big in the West, and we have this guy on the internet saying the best album for the year was from a different group. 😅 The interestingly odd (but also trendy?) stylings of Obsession made me look, but Byun Baekhyun made me stay.

There’s more to be said about how I was enamored, but to put it simply: I'm drawn to strong vocals and a clear musical vision. Baekhyun's quirky personality, as seen in livestreams and variety show appearances, is just cherry on top!

If you’re drawn to RnB/soul influences in pop, and would like to witness how a K-pop idol builds his personal artist statement, give Delight a listen. 

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Other noteworthy things
His first mini album, City Lights, is evidence of his exploration of a new direction for his solo career, distinct from his previous (ballads-y) OST work. It feels like a deliberate departure, reflecting his desire to mature, a common theme in solo debuts.
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